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3D Viewers

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We developed the electronic 3Discover viewer, later known as the Discover 3D Viewer, in 1994 and launched it in 1996. At the time, it was a new concept in 3D viewers. The innovative motorized film positioning mechanism and the adjustable aspheric lenses provide comfortable viewing as well as spectacular 3D effect.

The 3Discover viewing system uses interchangeable cassettes each featuring twelve (12) 3D photos in full 35mm slide format. We produced ourselves all the 3D stereo pictures released in the format.

About 100 cassette titles were produced before we realized that the 3Discover viewer was not selling well enough on the tourist market. This is when we had to stop production.

Now, many years later, we still believe the 3Discover viewer is one of the best 3D viewers in the world and we are very proud of the quality of the stereo pictures we produced for the cassettes.

We have a big quantity of viewers and cassettes in our inventory and we will keep offering them for sale until they are all gone. It makes a great collector’s item.


Coming soon, we will offer all of the 3Discover stereo pictures in digital format on CDs.

Each title CD will feature the 3D pictures already released in the 3Discover cassette of the same title. In addition, each CD will also include all the stereo images taken of the same subject during shooting, but not released in cassette for various reasons.

Many spectacular 3D images had to be put aside at the photos selection stage because we didn’t want to release more than one or two cassettes of the same title, or because we needed to show first some popular landmark that people expected to find in the cassettes.

The 3Discover pictures were all shot on film. We are now in the process of scanning them and this is a huge task.

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